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Welcome to She Lives on Love!

I’m Tabitha and I’m a wife, Mama, DIYer, quilter, all around crafter, and a fabulous cook. That last thing may not be completely accurate but in my mind it’s totally true. Don’t ask my kids. They’ll out me for sure.

Let me introduce you to my family and I. We’re pretty much your traditional American family. We love Jesus and each other and we’re just trying to enjoy the ride.

I found my very own Mister Cowboy 13 years ago in a Texas cow pasture. No lie. I knew I would marry him the moment I met him. At the time, I was 16 and people literally laughed. Guess we showed them! Who’s laughing now nay-sayers?! HUH?! WHO’S LAUGHING?!

Ahem. I feel better now.

Cody works outside the home while I slave away inside the home. Dramatic much? Yes. I’m southern. Nuff said.

We are like yin and yang. We balance each other out. God’s design for marriage was for two people to become one and I think the two of us make one whole person combined.

God sent us our first babylove a couple of years later and shocked our socks off. I thought I was a know-it-all smartypants until I had my first baby. I like to say that the first born is the practice child with whom you learn what not to do with the second. For example, it is not the best idea to let your infant sleep in your bed unless you want him to plant roots there and refuse to sleep peaceably anywhere else for the rest of his life. That may or may not be an exaggeration. Proceed with co-sleeping at your own risk.

Garrett is 11 and a half. For you moms out there, you understand how important the ‘and a half’ is. Ask any kid their age and you almost always get some form of a fraction. I am personally looking forward to his adult years when I can remind him to count the half years. “30? Wait, aren’t you already 30 and a half?” Bwahahahaha! (that’s my sinister laugh)

Garrett is Mister Responsible. Typical first child. He is very analytical and intelligent. He get’s it from me. Seriously. Nah, I’m just teasing. God has His hands all over that boy. I don’t think we can take very much credit for what a spectacular guy he is. Garrett LOVES fishing and marine life. For years he has been telling us he wants to be a wildlife biologist so he can do what he loves and get paid for it. See? Smart Mister right there, y’all!

Eli is our little surprise party. We spent 9 years with unexplained infertility before Mister Partytime shocked our socks off for the second time. By the time he showed up, it was like having another first child. It’s funny how the human brain trips you up by forgetting how long the nights are and choosing only to bring to your remembrance the wondrous love in your baby’s eyes.

The best way to describe to you all that is Eli is… Taz. Remember that character on Looney Toons that went around in violent circles like a tornado? Yep. That’s my Eli. He works circles around me. But, when I’m just about ready to stick a fork in my eye, he has a way of showing me that sweet little babylove on the inside. Come to think of it, maybe this is a game he enjoys… Hmm.

So, this is us! I hope you’ll keep up with what’s going on in our little slice of the world. I’m not totally sure yet what you’ll be burdened with reading this blog but I promise to be real and true to who I am. I’ll probably be just as surprised by what I post as you are!

See y’all around, lovebirds!


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