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Who sent their precious babylove back to school yesterday? Who dreamed all summer long about the first day of school? Who wallowed in self pity once the first day of school arrived?

This Mama, that’s who.

It’s tough watching your sweet little guy turn into a too-cool-for-school sixth grader! And starting a brand new school to boot!

Every year I force him to take a First Day of School photo. This year was certainly no exception! He’s still being a good sport which tells me that we haven’t really hit the ‘my-mom-is-SO-lame’ years.

Hambone couldn’t stand not being in front of the camera. At least when Garrett decides I’m lame, Eli will be right behind him, eager to oblige my overly enthusiastic photography skills.

Look at him! He’s growing into such a wonderful young man. And this Mama is feeling O-L-D. Its hard to digest the knowledge that we have a sixth grader. Of course, I can’t think about having a sixth grader without thinking about the short time we’ve had this super fantastic kid in our lives and how much smaller our time ‘left’ with him is.

When the day comes for his first day of college, you can bet your sweet tea that I’ll make him take a First Day photo. And I’ll enjoy every minute between now and then.

Happy 2012 School Year, Lovebirds!


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