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I just have to share this with you.

A group of my sweet girlfriends and I have started an email circle to share recipes, thoughts, and scripture. For some reason, Thursday seems to be the day we all find the time to sit down in front of the computer. I think it’s because it takes us Mamas so long to recover from the weekend and the tornadic (is that a word?) mess it creates in our houses and lives.

Or maybe it’s just because we like Thursday.

Or because Thursday starts with a T.

As this email circle has evolved, we’ve started calling it Thankful Thursday. Pretty catchy, huh? We’re super swanky that way.

For just 3 easy payments of $29.95, you can be super swanky too!

Not really, but I take PayPal in case you want to try it out anyway.

I’m thinking that in addition to emailing my girlies, I’ll post my Thankful Thursday stuff here too. See, I want you to be super swanky. Aren’t you glad?

Here we go-

Today I am thankful for…

easy mornings with my Little Dude.

quiet coffee time before my day begins.

a shower alone.

a hug and a kiss goodbye from my Big Dude who isn’t too old and cool to kiss his Mama just yet.

text messages from the bus stop.

“I miss you” text messages from The Mister.

my sweet fury friend who thinks she’s my shadow.

the new stove that will replace the ’76 model that burns everything I cook.

the unrushed time with a busy family doctor last week.

prayers that are answered quickly and prayers that take a while but help us grow in love and patience.

the daily reminders from my Savior that He knows me and loves me.

The scripture that’s speaking to me today is-

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.

Galatians 6:9-10

My recipe for today is for homemade laundry detergent! This is not my recipe. I’m not sure who came up with it as it was passed to me from another frugal friend. Whoever thunk this peach up deserves something super awesome. It’s TheBomb.com. No lie.

Super-Duper Homemade Laundry Detergent

1- 4lb box Borax

1- 4lb box Arm & Hammer Washing Soda

1- 4lb box Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

2- small containers OxyClean (save the scoops for the detergent!)

3- bars Fels Naptha, grated

1- small container Purex Crystals (optional, used for scent only)

Combine all ingredients in a trash bag to make mixing easier. Dump detergent into a 2.5 gallon or larger bucket or container. Use 1-3 scoops per load.

This stuff is seriously amazing. Your laundry is clean and smells great for much less than the big brands. This even gets that ‘man smell’ out of The Mister’s uniforms. And because you use so little per load it lasts forever! All of the ingredients should be found on the laundry soap isle at your local WalMart and should cost around $20-25.

Let me know if you try it out and how you like it!

That’s all, folks! If you’d like to participate in Thankful Thursday, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for today. Plus, it’ll do your heart good to be reminded of all there is to be thankful for.

Love&Hugs Lovebirds!


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Ok girls. It’s time for a heart to heart.

What have you done with your eyebrows? They are over plucked, shaved and make-uped right over.

It’s time for an eyebrow revolution. Who’s with me?!

First, the eyebrows are the frame to our faces. You wouldn’t take a beautiful painting and hang it naked on the wall. You would take time and care to find the perfect frame to accentuate your painting.

Do the same with your face, girl!

Foundations coat everything like wall spackling. Even the ones that claim to be light coverage. You know I’m telling the truth! So when you’ve applied it all over your face, it’s in your eyebrows too. And for those us us with thinning brows, we have double the problem.

Here’s the solution:

Invest in some kind of brow enhancer. There are pencils, powders and liquidy stuff like mascara. Find your fancy and use it! It will make a huge impact, I promise.

Don’t believe me? Check out this photo I took this morning of one brow filled in and the other not touched.

See? Big difference. Now, I’m no beauty aficionado and I don’t know it all. If I did, I might have applied ALL of my make-up before taking a picture to be posted on the world wide web. I’m super smart like that. It’s ok. You won’t judge. Right?

Now all of you hurry and run out to your favorite drugstore and buy up all the brow junk.

*CVS, Walgreens, Walmart & Target, you can thank me later. Or, better yet, thank me now and send me a gift card.

PS- For those of you wondering, I use a super cheap brown brow pencil.

Be Brow-licious Lovebirds!

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Who sent their precious babylove back to school yesterday? Who dreamed all summer long about the first day of school? Who wallowed in self pity once the first day of school arrived?

This Mama, that’s who.

It’s tough watching your sweet little guy turn into a too-cool-for-school sixth grader! And starting a brand new school to boot!

Every year I force him to take a First Day of School photo. This year was certainly no exception! He’s still being a good sport which tells me that we haven’t really hit the ‘my-mom-is-SO-lame’ years.

Hambone couldn’t stand not being in front of the camera. At least when Garrett decides I’m lame, Eli will be right behind him, eager to oblige my overly enthusiastic photography skills.

Look at him! He’s growing into such a wonderful young man. And this Mama is feeling O-L-D. Its hard to digest the knowledge that we have a sixth grader. Of course, I can’t think about having a sixth grader without thinking about the short time we’ve had this super fantastic kid in our lives and how much smaller our time ‘left’ with him is.

When the day comes for his first day of college, you can bet your sweet tea that I’ll make him take a First Day photo. And I’ll enjoy every minute between now and then.

Happy 2012 School Year, Lovebirds!

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Welcome to She Lives on Love!

I’m Tabitha and I’m a wife, Mama, DIYer, quilter, all around crafter, and a fabulous cook. That last thing may not be completely accurate but in my mind it’s totally true. Don’t ask my kids. They’ll out me for sure.

Let me introduce you to my family and I. We’re pretty much your traditional American family. We love Jesus and each other and we’re just trying to enjoy the ride.

I found my very own Mister Cowboy 13 years ago in a Texas cow pasture. No lie. I knew I would marry him the moment I met him. At the time, I was 16 and people literally laughed. Guess we showed them! Who’s laughing now nay-sayers?! HUH?! WHO’S LAUGHING?!

Ahem. I feel better now.

Cody works outside the home while I slave away inside the home. Dramatic much? Yes. I’m southern. Nuff said.

We are like yin and yang. We balance each other out. God’s design for marriage was for two people to become one and I think the two of us make one whole person combined.

God sent us our first babylove a couple of years later and shocked our socks off. I thought I was a know-it-all smartypants until I had my first baby. I like to say that the first born is the practice child with whom you learn what not to do with the second. For example, it is not the best idea to let your infant sleep in your bed unless you want him to plant roots there and refuse to sleep peaceably anywhere else for the rest of his life. That may or may not be an exaggeration. Proceed with co-sleeping at your own risk.

Garrett is 11 and a half. For you moms out there, you understand how important the ‘and a half’ is. Ask any kid their age and you almost always get some form of a fraction. I am personally looking forward to his adult years when I can remind him to count the half years. “30? Wait, aren’t you already 30 and a half?” Bwahahahaha! (that’s my sinister laugh)

Garrett is Mister Responsible. Typical first child. He is very analytical and intelligent. He get’s it from me. Seriously. Nah, I’m just teasing. God has His hands all over that boy. I don’t think we can take very much credit for what a spectacular guy he is. Garrett LOVES fishing and marine life. For years he has been telling us he wants to be a wildlife biologist so he can do what he loves and get paid for it. See? Smart Mister right there, y’all!

Eli is our little surprise party. We spent 9 years with unexplained infertility before Mister Partytime shocked our socks off for the second time. By the time he showed up, it was like having another first child. It’s funny how the human brain trips you up by forgetting how long the nights are and choosing only to bring to your remembrance the wondrous love in your baby’s eyes.

The best way to describe to you all that is Eli is… Taz. Remember that character on Looney Toons that went around in violent circles like a tornado? Yep. That’s my Eli. He works circles around me. But, when I’m just about ready to stick a fork in my eye, he has a way of showing me that sweet little babylove on the inside. Come to think of it, maybe this is a game he enjoys… Hmm.

So, this is us! I hope you’ll keep up with what’s going on in our little slice of the world. I’m not totally sure yet what you’ll be burdened with reading this blog but I promise to be real and true to who I am. I’ll probably be just as surprised by what I post as you are!

See y’all around, lovebirds!

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