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Dreams Come True

We bought a house! A real whole house!! We can have pets without hiding them and paint the walls any color we want and we can dance the cabbage patch in the front yard with excitement because WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!

Probably our neighbors would appreciate it if we left that last thing off the list.

How exciting, right?! We closed a little more than a week ago now but I’m still totally in a state of surreality.

So I get it. I know that people buy houses every day and big whoop. Right?

But this is our first house! And what makes it so spectacularly awesome is that we did things all out of sorts from the beginning. We started a family and married very young and hopped all over the country before finally settling right back where we started. Then we had to watch our peers hit this milestone years before we ever would. All of this just made this house buying mountain seem insurmountable.

It so wasn’t. We learned that seeking God and His perfect will first is what did the trick. Who’da thunk it?! We started praying for the right house in January. We prayed that God would provide the perfect house to meet all of our needs and our wants. We prayed for a fenced or, at least, a partially fenced yard. I especially prayed for 2 bathrooms because, let’s face it, a girl in the house with 3 boys- my own bathroom is a need. We prayed for mature trees and a lamppost in the front yard. We prayed that the bedrooms would be big enough for two growing boys and that the common spaces like the living room, dining room, and kitchen would accommodate us now and still be what we needed 30 years from now. We asked God to lead us to the house we would agree on.  And most of all we prayed for God to give us what we could afford.

Our prayers were answered, y’all. All of them. Not only did we agree immediately on this house, but we got everything we prayed for. Including the lamppost. Wanna see?! I know you do! First let me say that we moved in right away with plans to update and perfect along the way so be prepared to see some update posts in the future.

You can barely see the beginning of a black pole on the far left edge of this picture, right under the tree branch- that’s the lamppost.

Big mature shade trees. Could it get any more perfect?

Driveway and backyard. That’s English Ivy surrounding the tree. Beautiful, huh? And see that plank chair? My sweet Big Mister made it for his Daddy for Father’s day this year.

Front door and foyer. That light is on the chopping block. So is the butter colored paint. But that’s another tale for another day!

Living room with built-ins. I love the track lighting idea but the fixture needs some serious updating. Every time I add something to Mister Cowboy’s honey-do list he sprouts a new gray hair so let’s just keep this one between us for now, mmm-K?

Kitchen and breakfast room. I see new drawer and door pulls in my future and some counter and backsplash sprucing.

Big beautiful dining room seeks big beautiful table. This is Mister Cowboy’s most pressing honey-do. While he crafts a big rustic masterpiece, I plan to give those chandeliers a fresh coat of white paint.

What do you think? Isn’t it gorgeous? I am so in love.

We learned at our closing that typically the title company is scrambling to pull a closing file together up to minutes before the scheduled closing. Our file was complete a full 3 days before our appointment! If that’s not God working, I don’t know what is! It was the final confirmation to us that we are exactly where we’re supposed to be.

I thought I knew the power of fervent prayer. This experience taught me that I underestimate God’s ability to work on my behalf. He totally blew me away with this one. Every single thing we prayed for, He provided for. I’m still in awe. The God of the universe cares if I have a house with a lamppost. A lamppost! If He takes care of such a trivial thing, imagine how much more He cares for us. Astonishing.

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. –Matthew 6:33

Y’all be on the lookout for upcoming project posts!

Love & Hugs Lovebirds


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