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Ok girls. It’s time for a heart to heart.

What have you done with your eyebrows? They are over plucked, shaved and make-uped right over.

It’s time for an eyebrow revolution. Who’s with me?!

First, the eyebrows are the frame to our faces. You wouldn’t take a beautiful painting and hang it naked on the wall. You would take time and care to find the perfect frame to accentuate your painting.

Do the same with your face, girl!

Foundations coat everything like wall spackling. Even the ones that claim to be light coverage. You know I’m telling the truth! So when you’ve applied it all over your face, it’s in your eyebrows too. And for those us us with thinning brows, we have double the problem.

Here’s the solution:

Invest in some kind of brow enhancer. There are pencils, powders and liquidy stuff like mascara. Find your fancy and use it! It will make a huge impact, I promise.

Don’t believe me? Check out this photo I took this morning of one brow filled in and the other not touched.

See? Big difference. Now, I’m no beauty aficionado and I don’t know it all. If I did, I might have applied ALL of my make-up before taking a picture to be posted on the world wide web. I’m super smart like that. It’s ok. You won’t judge. Right?

Now all of you hurry and run out to your favorite drugstore and buy up all the brow junk.

*CVS, Walgreens, Walmart & Target, you can thank me later. Or, better yet, thank me now and send me a gift card.

PS- For those of you wondering, I use a super cheap brown brow pencil.

Be Brow-licious Lovebirds!


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